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Yes, for example, any language like this, skill about numbers, tomorrow is considered a soldier until the end of the military, I believe that most people now look at the attitude before the skill, as I said, it can be trained if it is trained. This means that if you have to choose 2 people who have a bad attitude but good skills, and someone who has a good attitude, skills are not very good. Take the 2nd person because the attitude is more difficult to change than the skill. And most importantly, don't lie, he can catch it. Even if it's not good when you think about it, you can lie to me and get a job, and then you come in and catch me. I didn't pass the promotion. It's more painful than suffering. Don't lie. If he wants someone who can use it, right, that means that he has to have this skill right now, that is, let him work right now.



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